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Sponsorship - ClubGRANTS Cat 2

Pittwater RSL Club has a long and proud tradition of supporting our local community. Through Sponsorship we provide direct and in-kind financial help that allows local Sporting groups and other organisations to service the local community and, of course, our members.

Over the past year Pittwater RSL Club has made significant contributions to the local community - to the tune of around $360,000. These funds are channelled directly back into the Pittwater LGA.

Sponsorship - by definition - is support for an individual, organisation, team, event or program, in return for the right to use the individual, organisation, team, event or program to promote Pittwater RSL Club's name, image, products and services.

 Sponsorship is not therefore a donation - where little or no commercial benefit is gained by Pittwater RSL but is an agreement - where a mutually agreed set of benefits are achieved for both Pittwater RSL and the sponsored entity.

Who does Pittwater RSL Sponsor?

Who will Pittwater RSL Club Refuse to Sponsor?

What does Pittwater RSL Expect in Return for its Sponsorship?

How will Sponsorship Funding be Paid?

How does the Application Process Work?

Sponsorship Level Guidelines

List of Sponsored Organisations - Past & Present

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