Pittwater RSL Club

At the heart of the Community

We lend a helping hand and give support to local charities, support groups, social welfare organisations, services for the disabled and disadvantaged, sporting clubs and more....

Through grants, sponsorship, charity days, donations and in-kind support, we give back to the local community, reciprocating the support that our loyal members give us.

Many community groups such as Probus, Mona Vale Hospital Auxiliary, Lion's Club, etc. meet at the Club and make use of our amenities for free. This In-Kind support amounts to several hundreds of thousands a year.

Community Grants

We also contribute significantly to the local community via the ClubGRANTS scheme - as Category 1 and Category 2 (Sponsorship) donations.

To find out more - if your organisation is eligible, how to apply, etc. please explore the COMMUNITY GRANTS menu.

Raise Mentoring

Each year about ten of our staff participate in a mentoring program, working alongside youth
from a local High School under the guidance of the Raise Foundation. We are so proud of our 
involvement in this wonderful scheme - check out this video for more information!