Pittwater RSL Club


Our Board of Directors are elected (on a two year rotation) annually by the general membership. Their role is to ensure adherence to the Club’s primary
objectives and to monitor the Club's financial performance via monthly Board meetings. They are also responsible for strategic planning and setting
of policies and they work closely with the Chief Executive Officer. The Board of Directors receive no remuneration for holding these positions and we
are thankful for the significant time and energy they put in to serving our club.


President Aldo Sirotic     

Aldo has been a resident of Mona Vale for 52 years and a member of our club for 43 years. He worked with 
Sydney Buses from 
1966, retiring in 2005 to play a bigger role in his community. Aldo is a member of the 
sub-branch, a community volunteer 
and a Director on the club board for the last 9 years.

Senior Vice President Michael Carrodus

Michael Carrodus served in the Australian Army Reserve for 20 years and has since contributed to many 
governing bodies, including our own sub-branch for which he has served as Vice President for the past five 
years. Michael was a 
Director for five years before becoming Senior Vice President. 

Vice President Jim Colbeck

A respected member of the local community, Jim first joined the club in 1995 and held the position of Director 
for 13 years before becoming Vice President. He is also a trustee of our club's Sub-Branch.

Treasurer Brian Sargeson

Brian moved to the Northern Beaches in 1967 and has been a member of our club for the last 48 years,
becoming a Life Member in 2001. Brian is a retired electrical contractor who served 10 years in the Royal 
Navy. He is a patron of the Pittwater RSL Golf Club and serves as Senior Vice President for our Men's Bowling 
Club, and has served on our board since 1990.

Director William Brockhurst

A retired NSW Police Officer, William has lived in Mona Vale and been a member of Pittwater RSL Club for over 
9 years. He has served on the Board for our club and others, and is a member of the Pittwater Men's Bowling 
Club Committee.

Director Chris Ward

Chris has been a proud resident of the Northern Beaches since 1962 and a member of our club for the last 
15 years. He is an architectural and structural designer responsible for many notable projects both local and 
Sydney-wide. Chris has served as President of our Men's Bowling Club since 2015.

Director Julie Hegarty

Julie has lived on the Northern Beaches all her life, and with 21 years experience as an elected Pittwater Councillor,  
she has worked tirelessly to support young people, families and our older members, while growing and respecting
the values of the RSL philosophy. Julie is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Director Norm Calthorpe

We are very pleased to welcome Norm Calthorpe to the Board of Directors in October 2017. A local to the
Northern Beaches and a member of our club for nearly ten years, Norm is an accomplished
businessman in many fields and has been heavily involved in the Manly Rugby Club as well as our own
Bowling Club. Norm is also a family man and proud grandfather to twelve grandchildren.

Director Harry Crampton

In November 2017 we are also pleased to welcome Mr Harry Crampton to the Board of Directors. Harry has
been a respected member fo the club for many years, a member of the Sub Branch and is a retired professional.
We know Harry will be a great asset to the Board of Directors and the club as a whole.


Chief Executive Officer Jason Manning
Finance Manager Robert Pryer
HR Manager Jo Bell
Food & Beverage Manager Juan Fernandez
Customer Service Executive Earl Moran
Marketing and Brand Manager Leanne Stokes